Digital Authentication and Protection

IRCODE can act almost like a digital watermark, helping prove authenticity and ownership without altering the physical appearance of your artwork. This is especially valuable in the digital age where art replication and copyright infringement are rampant.

Traditional watermarks can often be removed or altered using sophisticated photo-editing software, which can clone the surrounding pixels to cover or edit out the watermark. In contrast, IRCODE integrates into the very fabric of the image data itself, making it an intrinsic part of the image that does not visually alter the artwork and cannot be separated my any means. This makes IRCODE a robust tool against unauthorized replication, ensuring the artist’s ownership and the image’s integrity are preserved.

With IRCODE, a simple scan of an image can instantly reveal its authenticity, no matter where it’s used. This is due to IRCODE’s advanced technology which creates a unique identifying code from the image itself. It’s a transparent yet tamper-proof method ensuring that the origin and legitimacy of the image can always be verified with ease by anyone.

While IRCODE isn’t a flawless system and has some limitations (See Limitations), it stands as a formidable tool for artists aiming to safeguard their work. By integrating the artwork itself as the unique code, IRCODE enhances protection against unauthorized use and plagiarism, offering a layer of security that’s hard to bypass. Though it may not eliminate all forms of copyright infringement, its ability to verify authenticity and ownership with a simple scan makes it an invaluable asset in the digital preservation of art.

What are IRCODES used for?

Visual content is king. Social media platforms, 360 brand advertising and even more traditional sectors like real estate and bricks-and-mortar retail are increasingly leaning toward visual storytelling to capture consumer attention in a noisy competitive landscape. Every day, millions of images are created, shared and consumed, and have become a mainstay of our daily diet.

Yet with the proliferation of all this content, there exists a vacuum of ownership and engagement. This void isn’t just a tech problem, it’s a market problem. Artists struggle with counterfeit products and unlicensed usage, brands struggle with attribution and understanding the exact impact of analog advertising, and consumers are often left wanting a deeper point of engagement with the products, events and cultural outlets they love. IRCODE exists to address this very market need and can scale to meet the needs of its anticipated user base and the massive potential of creative applications that are peeking over the horizon.

Content Creators

Be it artists, photographers or influencers, IRCODE ensures that every image registered is unique and owned. Your creative assets remain yours, and every time they are used, they tell a story. Your story.

Galleries and Museums

Reimagine the user experience by infusing interactivity and curated information directly into the artists’ works. Safeguard the integrity of original works by embedding a digital chain of ownership and exchange.

Lifestyle Brands

Create interactive campaigns, catalogs and assets that can be uniquely identified and engaged with. Access user engagement data for analog advertising efficacy that was previously impossible to record.


Transform your static assortment on store shelves into a portal where your customers can interact with your products on a deeper level. From learning more about your market philosophy to unlocking secret sales and discount codes, surprise and delight your customers with thoughtful engagement and Easter Eggs.

Real Estate

Change the game and embed your agent’s url and property page into the property itself. Prospective buyers can simply scan the home that catches their eye and learn everything there is to know from the property’s square footage to the date of your next open house.


In the burgeoning world of NFTs, authenticity and provenance are critical. IRCODE introduces a revolutionary layer of verification for NFTs. By utilizing our platform, creators and collectors can ascertain the origin and true holder of their digital assets, thereby creating an unbroken chain of ownership. This not only enhances the intrinsic value of the NFT but also augments trust and credibility in the digital art ecosystem.

Individuals Like You and Me

Protect your personal images and bring newfound value to cherished moments and memories. Embed layers of information into wedding or baby announcements, your favorite vacation pic, or even grandma’s watercolor art hanging in your living room. Or, turn your family photo album into a genealogical exploration.

With so many ways to use and leverage IRCODE, the possibilities are truly limitless.

An introduction to IRCODE

IRCODE is on a mission to transform the way individuals interact with images and information. Our intuitive platform empowers users to breathe life into static images and three-dimensional objects, transforming them into interactive gateways to information, entertainment and more.

Every Image has an IRCODE

Every image has a unique fingerprint that can only belong to that set of pixels. IRCODE simply maps that unique fingerprint and embeds information about the image itself into the IRCODE. Ultimately authenticating the image through the use of IRCODE

What makes IRCODE so extraordinary is that our platform can not only recognize and differentiate unique images, but it also enables users to register them. Upon registration, users can ensure that they are the exclusive holders of the metadata for that specific image, granting them unparalleled ownership and control of their creative assets in the digital realm.

Think of IRCODE as the QR Code for the next generation, except users can register and embed metadata in actual images and objects instead of those obtrusive patterns and squares. Instead, the beauty and integrity of the original image or object are maintained, all while embedding a universe of information within.

How does it work?

IRCODE uses advanced, patented computer vision Image Retrieval technology to power our instant image recognition, combined with a Neural Network database for instant retrieval. Our Neural Network uses millions of data points to precisely identify visual information right down to the pixel. Whether partially obscured, from a distance, at an angle – our technology can pick up the unique characteristics that define each image registered in our database.

What can I register on IRCODE?

You can register any image as an IRCODE. Whether you’re an artist who wants to extend meaning beyond the canvas, a photographer who is curious how many people see their photos, a marketer who wants to add digital messaging to a physical ad, or an individual who wants to attach digital details to a paper invitation – there are countless use cases for IRCODE, limited only by your ideas.

How long is my IRCODE valid?

Your IRCODE is valid forever once it’s registered. Pro accounts include detailed analytics, and many cool features including privacy, account verification, and added security. Basic users can access some of these features for an additional fee of $10 per year for each image.

How do I access IRCODE?

Our ideal scanning and registering experience is accessed through the IRCODE app, now available on iOS and coming soon to Android. You can also access IRCODE on any device through our website, which provides the ability to upload, explore and manage images, as well as your account and dashboard. 

What are IRCODE’s Limitations?

IRCODE strives to be the best it can at image retrieval (and we’re the best out there) however, there are several use cases that we are still working on getting better at. Here are a few that will challenge our technology. 

  1. Single tone or gradient tone images
    • The IRCODE technology works off of recognizing shapes and forms referred to as technically as – Feature-based Image Matching. Although in the future we will get better at recognizing distinct images with few features and even single colors, at the moment we are unable to differentiate between the color blue by one artist vs the color blue by another artist.
  2. Extreme angles and partial occlusions
    • Although we are pretty stellar at recognizing images at angles and even partially obscured or altered, sometimes the image recognition will struggle at extreme angles or with occlusions of more than 50%. 
    • If you encounter issues recognizing images, please adjust your position and try again. 
  3. 3D Non-planar Images and Sculptures
    • Image recognition works for 3D artworks and objects as long as you scan them from approximately the angle at which they were registered.
    • We will soon be adding functionality to the IRCODE app to register a full 3D representation that we extract from a short clip recorded with the app. This allows registration of sculptures, architecture and interiors and eliminates restrictions on viewing angles.
  4. Shaky or blurry image capture
    • We do fairly well still recognizing images with slight blur but it can lead to mixed results. We recommend holding your phone as steady as possible when scanning an image for the best possible results. 
  5. Replications of famous images or paintings
    • By design IRCODE will recognize the original work rather than the copy or altered version. IE Mona Lisa Terminator image.
      • Unfortunately if you are an artist who loves taking other famous works and altering them we will have a hard time registering your work unless it differs significantly from the original. How much different – As this is a new technology we are still measuring this and will update this section as we come back with quantitative results.
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