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Safeguard your work, track your views, control the metadata
IRCODE’s patented technology means the image itself is the record. It documents that the ownership and provenance of your image is irrevocably incorporated into the image itself using IRCODE technology.

Easiest Image searching tool

From your phone’s camera you can scan any image wherever you see it. On a billboard. In a museum. In a magazine. On a t-shirt. Any image that’s registered as an IRCODE will instantly tell you all about the image.

For artists and creators

Every image can now be digitally tracked and traded, giving owners full control. Deliver up-to-date information about your image that YOU are in charge of, and get instant analytics about where and how your image is seen.

The app for image consumption​

Explore imagery like never before, with curated details to provide deeper context and meaning on every asset. Discover new artists and works while truly experiencing every asset, diving into the story behind each image.


Proprietary image

IRDB is using a proprietary patented image retrieval technology. The breakthrough is identifying each image through its own genome: the information associated with the whole image can be built into the constituent parts of the whole, like DNA in a cell.

Running on a powerful neural network

We trained our technology on tens of millions of images on a powerful neural network to identify images at lightning speed with flawless accuracy and reliability even when the image has been obscured, distorted, sampled or misappropriated.

Constantly Pushing Boundaries

At IRCODE, we’re passionate about pushing the boundaries of technology and transforming the way people interact with and explore the world of art. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive, user-friendly platform that makes image registration, retrieval and art authentication accessible to everyone.

Join the growing community of satisfied customers who have already experienced the unmatched capabilities of IRCODE. Get started for free today and unlock the full potential of our advanced image retrieval technology!

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