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The QR Code of the Future

IRCODE is the QR code of the future. With IRCODE (Image Retrieval Code), you can embed any image with information that is controlled and curated by you. IRCODE allows any image to speak for itself—direct to the user.

For artists and creators

IRCODE redefines how artists showcase their work. It creates a direct channel between you and your audience. When you register your work through IRCODE, you can embed valuable information and links directly into your work, leading your community to your website, gallery or online shop. With IRCODE, you gain vital insights into how your fans engage with your creations.

For Galleries and Museums

Galleries and Museums can now connect with collectors and consumers on an unprecedented scale. Whether at an art fair booth or on the walls at a gallery or museum, patrons can effortlessly scan images and access a wealth of information—from gallery details and artist bios to audio guides and pricing. IRCODE empowers galleries and museums to enhance the art viewing experience, forge deeper connections, and grow their community.

For Brands and Businesses

IRCODE unlocks direct-to-consumer interaction with unmatched audience reach and real-time engagement metrics. Any image can become a powerful advertisement, carrying information about your brand, products, and purchase links. Gain valuable insights into consumer behavior and optimize your marketing strategies like never before.

For Everyday Users

IRCODE offers a whole new level of content engagement. It’s a tool for the curious, enabling instant exploration and connection with any image. As easy as taking a picture, IRCODE satisfies your curiosity and opens doors to deeper connections with the art and images you love.


Proprietary image

IRCODE is using a proprietary patented image retrieval technology. The breakthrough is identifying each image through its own genome: the information associated with the whole image can be built into the constituent parts of the whole, like DNA in a cell.

Running on a powerful neural network

Trained on a vast amount of data, our neural network can recognize images at lightning speed with incredible accuracy. Even when it’s obscured, distorted, or misappropriated – once it’s seen art, IRCODE knows it.

Constantly pushing boundaries

At IRCODE, we’re passionate about advancing technology with a purpose to transform the way people interact with the objects and visual world around them. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive, user-friendly platform that makes image registration and retrieval accessible to everyone.

Our growing community is built around this mission, to allow creators to attach context and meaning to their art, anywhere it appears, and to amplify their work. Join us today, and discover your full potential with IRCODE.

Featured Artist

I remember India No 6

By Sondra Wampler
These beautiful doors are from the city gates of Jaipur. I traveled there in 2018 and photographed the lake in the background in S India and her flower dress was created from photographs of a crab apple tree in my back yard. The beautiful water in the for-ground was from the Taj Mahal. My works are inspired by the way we dream placing objects where they don't always belong.

Bubblegum Bandit

By Morgan Jones
"Bubble Gum Bandit," from the Animals Series by Morgan Jones, depicts a raccoon reaching for a gumball machine atop a vintage blue chair. Set against the backdrop of a room in an abandoned farmhouse with peeling wallpaper and a worn and weathered door, this image contrasts the raccoon's playfulness with the abandoned home's dilapidated setting.

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