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We are transforming how people find, share, and engage with creative content.


At IRCODE, we’re passionate about advancing technology with a purpose to transform the way people interact with the objects and visual world around them. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive, user-friendly platform that makes image registration and retrieval accessible to everyone.

Our growing community is built around this mission, to allow creators to attach context and meaning to their art, anywhere it appears, and to amplify their work. Join us today, and discover your full potential with IRCODE.

The purpose of our work

Reshaping the future of information

With IRCODE, deep information can be discovered just by pointing your camera, with no additional codes to scan, enabling you to deeply explore our visual world.

Our team spans perspectives to unify technology, art, and data

Matty Beckerman


Ahsoka Tano​

Vice President of Operations

Din Djarin

Director of Technology

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IRCODE (Image Retrieval Code) is a digital tool that allows creators, brands, and individuals to attach information to any image or real-world object, transforming it into an interactive digital experience on a user’s smartphone. Creators simply scan and register their work to directly reach global audiences. With its innovative technology, IRCODE is designed to change the way people see and learn about the world.

“It is not just about recognizing images; it’s about introducing a new world of possibility that reshape digital engagement.”

Matty Beckerman


We remain committed to our values


IRCODE offers free access to ensure that anyone can register, explore, and discover images. We require no additional codes to scan, leveraging our advanced, proprietary image recognition technology to recognize visuals just as you see them.


We enable creators to add depth and context to any visual work, creating interactive experiences that add context, rich information, and can provide the full story behind any image – any data you can imagine can be associated with your image.


We are committed to continually improving and adapting our technology and protocols to ensure we serve the creative community to our fullest potential and ability. Our team is constantly refining our image recognition and retrieval technology, user experience, and neural network to fulfill this promise.

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