Digital Authentication and Protection

IRCODE can act almost like a digital watermark, helping prove authenticity and ownership without altering the physical appearance of your artwork. This is especially valuable in the digital age where art replication and copyright infringement are rampant.

Traditional watermarks can often be removed or altered using sophisticated photo-editing software, which can clone the surrounding pixels to cover or edit out the watermark. In contrast, IRCODE integrates into the very fabric of the image data itself, making it an intrinsic part of the image that does not visually alter the artwork and cannot be separated my any means. This makes IRCODE a robust tool against unauthorized replication, ensuring the artist’s ownership and the image’s integrity are preserved.

With IRCODE, a simple scan of an image can instantly reveal its authenticity, no matter where it’s used. This is due to IRCODE’s advanced technology which creates a unique identifying code from the image itself. It’s a transparent yet tamper-proof method ensuring that the origin and legitimacy of the image can always be verified with ease by anyone.

While IRCODE isn’t a flawless system and has some limitations (See Limitations), it stands as a formidable tool for artists aiming to safeguard their work. By integrating the artwork itself as the unique code, IRCODE enhances protection against unauthorized use and plagiarism, offering a layer of security that’s hard to bypass. Though it may not eliminate all forms of copyright infringement, its ability to verify authenticity and ownership with a simple scan makes it an invaluable asset in the digital preservation of art.

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